Energy Drinks tied to Cardiac Changes

I've never been a fan of energy drinks. There is just something inherently unnatural and contrary to vibrant health when one needs to down such drinks to either stay awake or avoid an energy crash. Reports of the ill effects of these drinks are not new, but, attached, is a recent study linking these drinks to cardiac and blood pressure changes. It appears from this small study that such deleterious effects may not be merely related to the caffeine content. Those consuming energy drinks had a distinct electrical abnormality on EKG, commonly referred to as prolongation of the QT interval. Such electrical abnormalities carry potential risk, as dangerous rhythm disturbances (arrhythmias) can result, leading to loss of consciousness and even sudden death. FYI, there are many medications that can increase QT interval, placing patients at cardiac risk.
Again, this is a small study involving young healthy adults. Additional limitations include absence of a true placebo group. Despite these study limitations, the results are of interest, especially when you consider the popularity of energy drinks. Hopefully such interest will garner additional and larger studies to address the true effect of these drinks on the electrical system of the heart. In the meantime, I would clearly dissuade older individuals or those with hypertension or other underlying cardiac conditions to avoid consuming these drinks until we have more information regarding their impact on heart health. ~ your Medical Advocate! - H.E.


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Howard Elkin MD