There seems to be no end to this question. Cooking with the wrong oils could do the body harm as they are pro-inflammatory in nature. The confusion seems to be in the term vegetable oils. (eg. cottonseed, corn, grapeseed, safflower or sunflower oils).

Vegetable oils tend to be highly refined, comprised mostly from polyunsaturated fats. Such fats are prone to oxidation and free radical production. As a result, once ingested the process of inflammation begins.

We know that inflammation is the bane of our existence when it comes to aging. This can lead to heart disease, cancer and other degenerative diseases.


Why the American Heart Association (AHA) still endorses the use of these oils continues to elude me.  

What are healthy options?  Whole food sources such as nuts and seeds are a good choice, especially in the raw or unroasted state. Despite the ongoing controversy of saturated fat, such fats are generally healthier for cooking. They are more stable and less inflammatory. Also recommended  are extra virgin cold pressed olive oil for cooking at low temperatures. These are monounsaturated and moderately stable. I also favor avocado oil and macadamia not oil.

Natural oils are an excellent form of fat. Just be sure to avoid vegetable oils that are highly processed.

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chelsea barocio