WHAT A DIFFERENCE A MONTH CAN MAKE! Last month I attended Current Concepts and Controversies in Cardiology presented by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. It was fabulous with national leaders from the cardiology community . But the focus was on pharmaceuticals, procedures and evidence based medicine . Lacking was any talk on lifestyle including diet, nutrition, supplementation, exercise , sleep or stress management .


I just returned from the annual American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine meeting in Las Vegas . There was no emphasis on drugs

Hot topics : intermittent fasting and FMD ( Fasting Mimicking Diet ) which I have written about previously here.
Also : peptides , the power of gut health , the genome and epigenetics , the obesity epidemic with 70% of adult Americans overweight and nearly 50% obese. Then there was maintaining cognitive function as we age and how to prevent Alzheimer’s and lots o n the therapeutics on cannabis ( Can you believe it’s still Schedule 1 on level as ecstasy and heroin ?) REALLY?!!

Terrific conference .. I love focusing on what’s positive and possible !

chelsea barocio