1-Hour Exercise, 3 Times a Week Boosts Cognition in Older Adults

We all know how beneficial exercise is on several levels.Not everyone embraces exercise with the same gusto as me. But make no mistake about it; regardless of what you think about exercise,a recent study demonstrated that one hour 3/week clearly made a difference in cognitive function, most notably processing speed and executive function. Interestingly enough, these functions are the first that go with aging. It can be aerobic activity, strength training and/or yoga.All such activities are helpful . This is no surprise, as one of the benefits of exercise is that it increases blood flow to the brain.

So forget about what you have always thought about exercise.If mental clarity and cognition are important to you,"just do it".

Read original article here:  https://www.medpagetoday.com/neurology/dementia/73179

chelsea barocio