Exercise May Outrun Strong Family Risk for Heart Disease

Here's more promising news about lifestyle changes and prevention of heart disease; recently published in the peer reviewed journal CIRCULATION were the results of a large study from the UK. They found that regardless of an individual's genetic risk for heart disease, those with unfavorable genetics derive as much benefit from exercise as the general population. This was a large study of a half million people over a 6 year span. Interestingly enough, they studied both cardiopulmonary fitness as well as grip strength They concluded that both aerobic activity and strength training have a positive role in mitigating the effects of unfavorable genetics when it comes to heart disease. The large sample size was deemed a strength of the study, while the observational nature of the study is an obvious limitation.

Genetics seems to be a huge deal these days. Practicing integrative cardiology, I often test for certain genetic makers. But what do you do with the information? I work with the patient and help them minimize the effects of their unfavorable gene pool by exercising (pun intended) lifestyle measures.

Read original article here: https://www.medpagetoday.com/cardiology/prevention/72221

chelsea barocio