Most folks remember the results of the WHI (Women's Health Initiative) released in 2002. Basically there was an increase in cardiac risk, blood clots and breast cancer in those using estrogen.However, what you might not remember is that the average age of the women in this study was 61 (making them clearly postmenopausal),an age where one would certainly expect to see heart disease. Also, the hormones used were equine estrogens,derived from the urine of pregnant horses. Most importantly all these estrogens were administered orally. Oral administration ensures that all drugs undergo the " first pass " effect in the liver, it's been shown that many of these estrogens metabolize in the liver to inflammatory compounds..NOT GOOD

This study which has one disadvantage in being observational in nature, studied over 45,000 women over a period of 7 years. There was no increase in breast cancer , stroke or heart disease.

This is promising news. I have always prescribed topical /intra-vaginal estrogen for many years. Using bio-identical hormones, seeking hormonal balance, and knowing how to test HRT in an ongoing fashion is the key to safe hormone administration.


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chelsea barocio