Amid Obesity Epidemic, Liver Cancer Death Surge.

This is serious business. We all know that obesity has risen significantly over the past 15-20 years despite the high carb, low-fat craze that we witnessed in the 90's .Death from liver cancer is also on the rise. Hepatitis B and C were the former culprits but these can often be treated today. I say often because the cost is outrageous , and treatment may not be accessible to all who need it.

The major culprit today is non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.With the degree of obesity seen today, essentially related to bad dietary choices, the liver can't handle the load. Excessive carbs get converted to fat within the liver, and what's left gets dumped in the circulation as triglycerides.

This is what we see in metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. Treating liver cancer is less than successful. The death rate is high. The truly sad fact is that this can often be prevented by diet, weight loss and exercise.


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chelsea barocio