Energy Medicine – Fundamental in Alzheimer’s

As a cardiologist I continue to do all that I can to promote the heart health of my patients as well as myself.After all, heart disease remains the number one killer in the Western World.

But let's face it: who wants a healthy heart with a sick brain? Alzheimer's disease continues to rob us of a long and productive life. Traditional medicine has clearly been unable to put a dent in the treatment and prevention of this devastating disease. Medications by themselves will never be the magic cure or panacea simply because this disease is mutifactorial in extent and requires a multi-pronged approach to treatment.

In this article, integrative neurologist Dr. Pearlmutter talks about the importance of brain energetics. If the brain can't utilize glucose efficiently, it will eventually malfunction. Glucose is necessary for energy production and the brain ,which has to function 24/7 is an energy guzzler. But without insulin, glucose can't be transported to the brain.

But insulin can also be a problem. Insulin regulates glucose and fat metabolism as well as cell growth. Insulin resistance (which we see in metabolic syndrome and diabetes) can lead to the brain's unresponsiveness to the effects of insulin. This eventually can lead to memory deficits and a whole lot more when it comes to cognitive dysfunction.

Combating insulin resistance is where it's at. Lifestyle changes reign high here: lowering the carbs in your diet, increasing healthy fat as an energy source for the brain, along with weight loss and exercise.

Lifestyle changes remain the mainstay when it comes to preserving cognitive function. No medication can do as good a job.



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