3rd Round of FMD (Fasting Mimicking Diet)

I just completed my 3rd consecutive month of this 5 day plan pioneered by Dr. Valter Longo from USC. Although each round has had its challenges, this time around was clearly the best. Not once did I suffer any significant fatigue or brain fog. I amazed myself by maintaining my sense of propriety on day 2 when I was challenged by 2 social events where folks around me ate and all I did was sip herbal tea.

On days 3 and 4 I experienced true hunger pangs ,but they were manageable. Day 5 was clearly the highlight.I experienced new found energy and my work out at the gym did not falter one bit. I topped it all off today with my weekly ice bath!

BOTTOM LINE : Although not for everyone (and you should get the ok from your doctor), I am truly a believer in this diet.

I've reviewed the research. in 5 days what's possible is
* boosting stem cell renewal
* triggering cellular optimization through autophagy
* positively altering the biomarkers of aging

chelsea barocio