It is common knowledge that most of us eat more than we actually need. It has also become increasingly more apparent that fasting on one level or another brings a myriad of benefits. A recent study from Duke University demonstrated that caloric restriction helped improve all factors of metabolic syndrome in patients without obesity. (CALORIE trial)


This was a very modest restriction, a 12% reduction or 300 fewer calories a day. Following this plan for 2 years, there were significant improvements in multiple cardiovascular risk factors:

  • Systolic blood pressure

  • Diastolic blood pressure

  • LDL or the “lousy” cholesterol

  • Total cholesterol to HDL “healthy” cholesterol ratio

  • Triglycerides

Other benefits include lowering of fasting insulin, fasting blood sugar and C-reactive protein (a sensitive measure of inflammation).

Considered groundbreaking, this is the first long-term caloric restriction intervention in non-obese young and middle age subjects. Furthermore, there was a very low dropout rate, which connotes that a modest restriction in calories is doable.

I find this study very exciting but not surprising. The benefits of restricted caloric intake go way beyond cardiovascular health. This strategy is being studied for extending lifespan and anti-aging in general.  

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chelsea barocio