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High Fat Diet Is Best

For months I've been speaking and blogging about the benefits of a high healthy fat diet. I've gone on record disagreeing with the recent advisory statement by the AHA who decried the use of saturated fat (including coconut oil) in our diet. Their statement was based on studies dating from the 60's.But old science is not necessarily good science. Released last week in the prestigious British journal the LANCET, are the findings of the PURE study.This was a huge study from 18 countries in 5 continents over a 7 year period.A significant survival advantage was noted in those following a high fat diet. Yes, that even included the often maligned saturated fat.

Those consuming the highest level of fat had a reduced risk of fat of 23%. On the other hand, the higher the carbohydrate intake, the greater risk of total mortality.

Isn't it time to embrace new ideas based on new data?

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