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The announcement of Dr. Howard Elkin, the Medical Advocate, opening his west side concierge cardiology practice in Dr. Ben Weitz's office in Santa Monica.



Never one to rest on my laurels , I am spreading my wings once more. Having practiced both integrative cardiology and anti-aging medicine in Whittier,Ca for 31 years, I am expanding my services to the Westside. As of February 6 you will find me in the office of Dr. Ben Weitz in Santa Monica on Tuesdays. This will be a unique concierge practice with enhanced access to myself,the Medical Advocate, while enjoying the benefits of priority scheduling.

For details please contact Mary at: 562.945.3753

Dr. Elkin interviewed by Larry Goodman on his podcast, Success after 55!

Dr. Elkin enjoys a more preventive approach in which patients are intimately involved with their health. Dr. Elkin may act as the “quarterback”, but the patient is the ultimate player in his or her own healthcare.

What Dr. Elkin talks about: 

  • Known as the preventative care doctor. His focus is on wellness.

  • Stresses the importance of being your own health advocate.

  • Talks about how diets have changed over the years and why so many Americans are overweight.

  • Tip: Allow yourself a cheat meal (not a cheat day)!

  • Advice: Eat healthy 80% of the time.

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