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At HeartWise & Longevity Center we provide the gamut of invasive
and non-invasive cardiological services.

Our emphasis is always on prevention.We provide nutritional support and guidance
for implementing healthy exercise and stress management techniques.
Longevity or Anti-Aging services include: hormone testing and bio-identical hormone replacement, specialized laboratory testing for evaluating adrenal health, neurotransmitters,
and testing for food sensitivities. The latter is especially useful in those with unexplained chronic symptoms and/or auto-immune disorders. Chronic inflammation is the bane of our existence when it comes to aging. We use specialized testing to combat inflammation, and to enhance energy and a healthy immune system. We also provide a healthy weight loss plan
and variety of medical aesthetics services.


CardioVascular Services

  • Comprehensive CardioVascular Evaluation

  • Diagnosis and collaborative services for adults and adolescents with congenital heart disease

  • Cardiac Catherizations and Angiography

  • Coronary Angioplasty and Stenting

  • Permanent Pacemaker Insertion and Follow-Up

  • Arterial & Venous Ultrasonography

  • Pulmonary Hypertension Evaluation and Treatment

  • Resting & Stress Echocardiography

  • Nuclear Stress Testing (including pharmacologic testing for those unable to exercise)

  • 30 Day Event Monitoring (To evaluate hearth ryhtm abonormalities)

  • Carotid Ultrasound

  • Abdominal Ultrasound (to screen for abdominal aortic aneurysm)

  • EECP (a non-invasive, insurance approved, therapeutic option for those patients
    with chest pain and documented coronary artery disease)

Longevity Anti-Aging

  • Exercise Prescriptions
  • Stress Management Strategies
  • Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional Services

Kristine Reyes is an internationally acclaimed Intuitive Nutrition Expert and a Certified Nutrition Consultant with over 25 years of experience in the healthcare field. Her practice incorporates homeopathic remedies, herbs, supplements, essential oils, exercise physiology, and stress management. Her passion is educating people on the foundations of health and nutrition, how they relate to quality of life, and how everyone can realize the healing power they have within

Health Conditions Addressed: 
Cleansing the body on an internal level is imperative to the quality of our life due to the toxic environment we live in. By cleansing and replacing vital nutrients, the body becomes more balanced, supporting weight loss, normal blood sugar levels, digestive health, and proper immune function.


EECP is beneficial for diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, edema, chronic fatigue, impotence and obesity. It is used for longevity, enhanced sports performance for athletes and overall sense of well being. EECP improves circulation to all of the organs of the body.


Specialized Testing

Could Your Favorite Food Be Ruining Your Health?

Many people have food sensitivities and aren’t even aware of it. Allergies are common and nearly 20% of Americans have some form of allergy. Allergies are simply an abnormal response to a substance in the environment (pollen for example). This abnormal response is triggered by one's immune system. A food allergy is therefore, an abnormal response to a food triggered by one's immune system. Traditional medicine has been doing allergy testing for years; however, testing of food intolerance has been too long neglected. 


Gale’s journey with Oriental Medicine began with a curiosity and led to a calling. While working in the seminar industry assisting large groups of participants work through human potential exercises, she discovered she had sensitivity to the bio-energy field. She could feel a participant’s energetic shift as they worked through their process. Wanting a better understanding of what she was experiencing, she researched the bio-energy field or human aura. All information led her to Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, the only medicine based on body energetics.

Medical Aesthetics

This four-step program is designed to give your skin a boost!

1. exfoliate / Revitalizing Peel
Our Revitalizing peel is used to greatly improve the appearance of your skin by eliminating the damaged outer layers. Used to minimize fine lines & wrinkles, sun damage, uneven skin pigmentation, acne scars, and other skin imperfections of the face, hands, & neck.

2. smooth / Botox® Cosmetic
Botox® Cosmetic is used in a simple procedure that can help smooth moderate to severe frown lines. One short visit and within days there is a noticeable improvement. This treatment is designed to last up to 4 months.

3. restore / Soft Tissue Filler
Improve the appearance of  fine lines and wrinkles, plump lips, fill hollow cheeks, repair various facial imperfections. This filler is placed under your skin to instantly smooth folds and lines.

4. renew / Latisse
Latisse is safe and the only FDA-approved treatment used to grow eyelashes. Apply daily and within 2-4 months, you can enjoy longer, fuller and darker lashes.


We at heartwise fitness and longevity center are proud to announce a new service that could play a vital role in some of our patients’well being. Known as LENS (Low Energy Neurofeedback System), this is a passive treatment modality in which low energy generated from an external source can help produce a shift in our brain waves allowing for reorganization and regulation of brain activity. The end result is improved mental clarity and the development of new patterns in dealing with stress. LENS is cost-effective and generally takes just a finite number of sessions. You don’t need to take or say anything! if you or anyone you know is suffering from the following conditions, you should consider LENS therapy.

  • OCD

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